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brotherly love. relief. truth.

Well . . . I guess that about covers it ?



not. even. close.






noun: freemasonry


1. the system and institutions of the Freemasons.

2. instinctive sympathy or fellow feeling between people with something in common."the unshakable freemasonry of actors in a crisis" (I like that one!)


Freemasonry is open to men of any race, religion, politic, lifestyle and standing who believe in a Supreme Being and who firmly believe that it is the inner qualities of men — their characters — that are important, not external characteristics or indications of wealth or status or authority.


Freemasonry is a craft for making good men better, and today's generation is seeking exactly what we have to offer: direction and purpose. Our practices are done with an eye toward relevance, real relevance especially to the unique perspective of today's men.


We hold that men become brothers by leaving the divisions of the world at the door, dedicating ourselves instead to common betterment, and to personal development through service as respected members of their communities.The Masonic traditions demonstrating over five hundred years of inclusion continue to patiently await those with imagination, will and energy to dedicate themselves to the elevation of the human race.


In the end . . .

Nope - we don't know where the Arc is.

Nope - we don't all wear curly-toed shoes and drive mini-roadsters.

BIG Nope - Freemasonry is not a pancake breakfast club for stodgy old men.

And finally, we're not a secret society, although we have our fair share of secrets.


Ask, and we'll tell - knock at our door and know what real welcome means.

Freemasonry, the art of manliness and well, pretty much everything else in life.







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