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unity. harmony. concord.


The opening of the Historical Register states:


"The idea of forming a Lodge for the accommodation of Commercial Travellers, arose from casual conversation between brothers Claffy & Dingle.  Concluding that other commercial travellers desirous of attending their Lodges would find relief in the formation of a Lodge designed to meet at convenient seasons, these brethren discussed the matter with others of their own profession & it was decided to call a meeting with a view to gaining the desired end."


It is reported that the above casual conversations were held in a hotel room in Lethbridge.


A result of those meetings, on May 29th 1921, Rt. Wor. Bro. John Gillespie, the District Deputy Grand Master, finding all conditions required by the Constitution had been met, signed the Petition for Dispensation, and at a meeting held on June 18th 1921, " was finally decided that the Lodge should be known as Concord Lodge"


Concord is a young, vibrant group of Cowtown Calgary Freemasons dedicated to fellowship, education, and ritual. We meet first Saturday in every month, at Freemason's Hall in downtown Calgary for our stated meeting, a wee bit of fellowship, occasionally serious debate and ultimately. . . we talk about Freemasonry.







It is said by some that Freemasonry, the oldest fraternity on Earth, is older yet, and derived from the Mystery Schools of ancient Greco-Roman world. We’re not sure about that, but it makes for an interesting debate.


There are many hidden mysteries in life, though. How should one act? Why is this important? And most importantly, when one figures out how they should act, how do they put that into practice?At Lodge, masons explore these mysteries and questions through ritual. How we open a meeting, how we close a meeting, the way we confer degrees, and lectures passed down, verbally, through the generations–these things are how we not only remember those mysteries, but explore them among brothers.




Education is a cornerstone of any great undertaking, and it comes in many forms. At Concord Lodge our education, while occasionally done through fine, informational lectures, primarily follows the Socratic Method.

In other words, we talk.

A lot.

About everything.


Whether in meetings, over coffee, pub nights or just hanging out . . . whatever . . . education, philosophy, and their practical applications in our lives are the reason many of us return week after week.




Make no mistake, a Lodge definately brings like-minded men together, but when men are too like-minded, they tend to close themselves off to the outside world. Concord doesn’t suffer from this…we can’t seem to agree on anything.

Oh well.


As a result, we’ve learned the virtues of respect, kindness, tolerance, and civility. It has also earned us a reputation as a very warm, welcoming lodge.We seek each other out for aide and assistance, support and conversation. We challenge each other, support each other, and at times, grieve with one another.











where we came from



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