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And Away We GO!

Well . . . . Greetings Brethren All!

If you've found your way to this post, I have my fingers cautiously crossed that my first attempt at website design is actually working. WHOOT WHOOT! This is only an quick introductory blog post to welcome those of you adventurous enough to make it this far, so I thought I'd give it over to some fun.!

Let's stretch your memories a bit and give me your best shot at answers to the following questions. Leave me your answers in a comment after the post (or ignore me compeltely

The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time television were:

1) Mary Kay and Johnny

2) Fred and Wilma Flintstone

3) Mike and Carol Brady

4) John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Coca-Cola was originally:

1) yellow

2) clear

3) green

4) nope - it was ALWAYS brown

The dumbest (is that a word? really?) dog in the world is:

1) dalmation

2) afghan hound

3) chihuahua

4) shih tzu

The youngest Pope on record was:

1) 9 years old

2) 11 years old

3) 13 years old

4) 17 years old


The invention of the telephone is credited to:

1) Elisha Gray

2) Alexander Graham Bell

3) Antonio Meucci

4) MW Bro. Hugh Young (kdding - he's not THAT old)

All kidding aside, I hope to use this space to share lectures, presentations, and submissions from the Brethren of Concord Lodge. I will also be including any interesting reads I find along the way, as well as copies of articles and presentations from Grand Lodge, Spring Workshop, etc.

Cheers all - happy surfing!


(PS - ANSWERS: 1, 4, 2, 3)

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